Turboveg 2

management system for vegetation data

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Turboveg for Windows is a program designed for the storage, selection, and export of vegetation data (relevés). 
Data can be imported manually (separate relevés or tables) and automatically (import of data files).
You can select relevés by choosing one or several of the header data or by choosing a species or a combination of species. 
Several filters are available to export the selected relevés to enable further analysis with various programs (e.g. MS Access, MS Excel, Twinspan, Canoco, PC-ORD, Mulva, Syntax-5, Juice, ArcGIS, GoogleEarth). The standard structure of the table is fixed, but you can easily extend this standard structure by defining extra fields to fit your own needs.
Datebases can easily be extended regarding header data (e.g. a field for soil type) and species data (e.g. add a field for the phenology of the species), where each database can have its own extension.

Please refer to Hennekens, S.M. & J.H.J. Schaminée (2001). Turboveg, a comprehensive database management system for vegetation data Journal of Vegetation Science 12: 589-591. in your publications.

Current version: 2.164 (13-11-2023)


- Dutch, single user version
- Dutch, multi-user (network) version
- International, single user version
- International, multi-user (network) version

Species lists

Netherlands - Turboveg backup 'Nederland'
Netherlands - Turboveg backup 'Floranld'
Netherlands - Turboveg backup 'Floranld_2013'
Netherlands - Turboveg backup 'Floranld_2017' (27-3-2024)
Netherlands - Turboveg backup 'Floranld_2020' (14-10-2023)
  Relevante wijzigingen voor ecologen m.b.t. de 24ste druk Heukels' Flora (Niels Eimers)

Database dictionaries

Select one of the dictionaries listed below and use the Backup/Restore option in Turboveg to get the files in place.

International databases
AVA - template for the Arctic Vegetation Archive
ReSurvey - general purpose template for storing resurveyed plots
Ukrainian database - template with English field names
Ukrainian database - template with Ukrainian field names
VegFrance - template for 'paysage' project
VegFrance - template for 'relevés' project
VegFrance - template for 'syntaxa' project
Dutch databases
Template v2018 for LMF projects


Single user version: €500,- (excl. 21% VAT)
Multi user version: €995,- (excl. 21% VAT)
Order Turboveg by contacting Stephan Hennekens. A license is perpetual.

Turboveg is free for private use, students, institutes, universities or small-scale companies that do not have sufficient financial resources.

To speed up the procedure indicate in the e-mail what the extent of the study area is (e.g. Italy, South Africa, Belgium, Europe, USA).


    2.164 (13-11-2023)
    • In rare cases invalid XML was exported.
    2.163 (17-5-2023)
    • In the case XML output of TurbovegSD contained commas as decimal seperator numerical values were cut off to integer values.
    2.162 (2-3-2023)
    • Startup time much shorter, especially with many species list.
    2.161 (8-2-2023)
    • Removed a few otiose menu options.
    2.160 (15-10-2022)
    • Improved check in Import TurbovegSD XML file if the correct file is loaded.
    2.159 (27-6-2022)
    • Improved export to TurbovegSD XML file.
    2.158 (31-5-2022)
    • Species names were missing in specific cases in DarwinCore export.
    2.157 (26-10-2021)
    • Species were not exported to a TurbovegSD project file in case the epitheton was empty. This was only the case for GermanSL taxon lists.
    2.155 (26-10-2021)
    • Minor changes.
    2.154 (16-9-2021)
    • Layer data was not correctly imported from an XML_SD file when derived from a LMF database (Dutch version only).
    2.153 (18-8-2021)
    • Import Standard XML file improved in case a new species list needs to be created.
    2.152a (13-8-2021)
    • Swiching to vernaculars names was disabled when only one species list was installed (Dutch versions only).
    2.152 (18-05-2021)
    • Layers were linked to wrong ID's in XML export for TurbovegSD. Only effected Dutch LMF data.
    2.151b (23-03-2021)
    • Fix in import Standard XML file.
    2.151a (18-03-2021)
    • Minor change in import Standard XML file.
    2.151 (16-03-2021)
    • Minor adjustment in export to TurbovegSD.
    2.150 (25-02-2021)
    • TurbovegSD project XML file extended with five fixed additional species data fields.
    2.149 (3-10-2020)
    • Taxon names being harmonised in export to Standard XML file export.
    2.148b (22-9-2020)
    • Popup lists now also work with numerical codes.
    • Some changes to support the ReSurvey dictionary.
  • 2.147 (21-6-2020)
    • Some functions didn't work in case the species list is missing fields like NATIVENAME and AUTHOR.
  • 2.146 (10-6-2020)
    • Crash when trying to edit species data in case the species list does not have a field for vernacular names.
  • 2.145 (5-6-2020)
    • Restricted number of layers in export to TurbovegSD project file (Dutch version only).
  • 2.144 (28-4-2020)
    • Problem with export to Access database fixed.
    • Option to filter species group enabled.
  • 2.143 (15-3-2020)
    • Option to filter species group disabled.
  • 2.142 (21-3-2019)
    • Support for LMF 2018 (Dutch version only).
  • 2.141 (9-12-2018)
    • Support for ITERATIO 2 (Dutch version only).
    • Extended support for import of additional information in species data table.
  • 2.140b (3-9-2018)
    • Change in choice of Access format (mdb/accdb).
  • 2.140a (2-8-2018)
    • Experimental adaptation in export to Access database to enforce the use of the latest installed Access verion.
  • 2.140 (16-7-2018)
    • Problem fixed with validation of  'Schaminée' syntaxon codes in data entry screen (Dutch version only).
  • 2.139 (11-6-2018)
    • Fixed an error in export to TurbovegSD introduced in an earlier version.
  • 2.138a (29-5-2018)
    • Minor change in import standard XML
  • 2.138 (9-5-2018)
    • Fixed an error in export to TurbovegSD introduced in version 2.137.
  • 2.137 (17-4-2018)
    • The working of TurbovegSD gets disturbed if the header data contains codes that are not represented in the corresponding lookup tables. These codes are no longer exported to the XML project file.
  • 2.136 (5-4-2018)
    • Import of Standard XML files can now also deal with species names without indication 'subsp.', 'ssp.', or 's.'
  • 2.135b (6-12-2017)
    • In some case export to Standard XML file got stuck.
  • 2.135a (4-12-2017)
    • Problem with import Standard XML file solved.
  • 2.135 (12-10-2017)
    • Due to the presence of char 0 in the German name of Cornicularia (there may be more of such cases) export to Excel could lead to an incomplete table. This is now fixed by removing char 0 from the output.
  • 2.134e (10-10-2017)
    • Minor improvement in export to Excel table.
  • 2.134d (6-10-2017)
    • More improvements in XML export for TurbovegSD.
    • More improvements in XML export for TurbovegSD.
  • 2.134c (28-9-2017)
    • Rare problem with import dates of TurbovegSD XML file solved.
  • 2.134b (20-9-2017)
    • Solved a problem when copying a releve to clipboard.
  • 2.134a (18-9-2017)
    • Improved export to TurbovegSD project file.
  • 2.134 (22-8-2017)
    • Solved an issue with standard XML files that could not be loaded in JUICE.
  • 2.133c (17-8-2017)
    • Import dates from header data spreadsheet tables failed to use the date template.
  • 2.133b (27-7-2017)
    • Simplified replacement of cover abundance codes in species data table import.
    • Calculating indicator values did not store # of observations.
  • 2.133a (16-7-2017)
    • Added option in TurbovegSD export to combine scientific and native species names in a single list (Dutch version only).
  • 2.133 (10-7-2017)
    • Crash while editing species in case of additional species parameters.
  • 2.132c (23-6-2017)
    • In the 'Hunt duplicates' procedure the species synonyms are now translated to accepted names before comparing relevé pairs.
    • Additional species parameters are now also check if they are flagged as mandatory.
  • 2.132b (13-6-2017)
    • Position of question marks changed in header data form to be more in line with those positioned in species edit form.
  • 2.132a (7-6-2017)
    • Search problem with Dutch species names solved.
  • 2.132 (30-5-2017)
    • Fixed header data field validation that was broken in a recent build.
  • 2.131a (6-4-2017)
    • Another improvement in species data table import.
  • 2.131 (24-3-2017)
    • Species matching in import species data table improved.
  • 2.130d (14-3-2017)
    • Fix for option 'Georeference using Google Maps'.
    • Other minor fixes.
  • 2.130c (1-3-2017)
    • ENTER key didn't work any more with species selection.
  • 2.130b (28-2-2017)
    • Improved support for MS Access.
  • 2.130a (28-2-2017)
    • Minor fixed and improvements.
    • Support for MS Office 2016.
  • 2.130 (12-2-2017)
    • Minor fixed and improvements.
  • 2.129 (21-11-2016)
    • Fixed an issue where in some cases export to MS Acces failed.
  • 2.128 (10-10-2016)
    • Shift key can now be used to select multiple items in a list
    • The international version now also supports the use of vernacular names to select species
    • Added 'Sum of indicator values' as indicator for a releve
  • 2.127d (21-9-2016)
    • In some cases Turboveg crashed when field names in the dictionary were not capitalized
  • 2.127c (12-9-2016)
    • Multiplier in import header data was not effective
    2.127b (9-6-2016)
    • Another minor improvement regarding export to TurbovegSD xml file
  • 2.127a (12-5-2016)
    • Another minor improvement regarding export to TurbovegSD xml file
  • 2.127 (9-5-2016)
    • Minor improvement regarding export to TurbovegSD xml file (Dutch version only)
  • 2.126 (19-4-2016)
    • Fix for export to TurbovegSD xml file concerning LMF data (Dutch version only)
  • 2.125 (24-3-2016)
    • Further adjustments to work with TurbovegSD (Turboveg for Android Smart Devices)
  • 2.124 (7-3-2016)
    • Further adjustments to work with TurbovegSD (Turboveg for Android Smart Devices)
  • 2.123 (3-3-2016)
    • Minor improvement for ITERATIO export (Dutch version only)
  • 2.122 (25-2-2016)
    • Added export to upcoming Android version of Turboveg, TurbovegSD. The import of TurbovegSD export files is the same as for TurbovegCE (Windows Mobile platform)
  • 2.121 (24-12-2015)
    • Added export to input for ITERATIO (Dutch version only)
  • 2.120 (13-11-2015)
    • Somehow the selection of species in data entry was broken, introduced in a recent version. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  • 2.118 (2-9-2015)
    • Annoying bug with calculating of mean indicator values. Negative value were ignored in calculation, however this only effected few indicators (Wamelink GVG, GLG, GHG).
  • 2.117 (6-7-2015)
    • Minor improvements.
  • 2.116 (18-5-2015)
    • Improved import of Excel and csv tables (header and species data).
    • Minor fixes.
    • Import of TurbovegCE output ignored an additional species parameter.
  • 2.113 (18-11-2014)
    • Fixed a bug in shapefile export recently introduced.
    • Import of TurbovegCE output ignored an additional species paramater.
  • 2.104-2.112
    • Have been too busy this year and simply forgot to update this web page. Sorry for that.
  • 2.103 (29-1-2014)
    • Calling the popup list with references in some cases causes a crash.
    • The unselected row in header data table and species data table were unreadable.
  • 2.102 (1-1-2014)
    • Minor fixes.
  • 2.101 (6-8-2013)
    • Improved function 'Modify structure' (e.g. field names can now be changed without data loss).
  • 2.100 (30-3-2013)
    • Added support for Excel 2013 and Access 2013.
  • 2.99 (10-2-2013)
    • Added support for unmappable taxa (or taxon descriptions) when importing vegetation tables from Excel files. Original names from the Excel files are now stored automatically in an additional column. Further processing of such taxa in Turboveg is currenlty limited to export to XML and therefore can be taken into acount when analyzing with JUICE.
    • Minor fixes.
  • 2.98a (10-12-2012)
    • Setup files are now Windows 8 compatible.
    • Minor fixes.
  • 2.98 (7-10-2012)
    • Faulty import of XML files in case a species list was created from scratch. This bug was introduced in version2.93.
  • 2.97 (25-9-2012)
    • In some cases XML-export caused JUICE to crash. This is due to unusual characters in remarks. To avoid this problem remarks can now optionally be excluded from the XML-export.
  • 2.96 (24-8-2012)
    • Export to DarwinCore Archive (for the GBIF platform) added. This options is currently only available in the international version.
  • 2.95 (2-7-2012)
    • Import of Excel tables ignored decimal values.
    • Export to a species checklist of selected releves extended with a option to sort according to family name (only applicable if family names are included in the ecological database).
  • 2.94 (8-5-2012)
    • In some cases import of Excel tables (header and species data) failed and showed an empty table.
    • Minor fixes.
  • 2.93 (23-02-2012)
    • Calculation of indicator values of releves incorrect in case species are lacking in the ecological database. Fixed!
    • Important change in import of standard XML file, where now the complete species list from the XML file is shown and mapping of species can be fully controled.
  • 2.92 (1-1-2012)
    • Minor changes
  • 2.91 (21-06-2011)
    • Fixed a bug that was introduced in version 2.90.
  • 2.90 (20-06-2011)
    • Several minor fixes.
    • Some adaptations for Ukraine database dictionary.
  • 2.89 (6-3-2011)
    • Problem with XML import fixed
  • 2.88b (2-1-2011)
    • Added option to combine subplots into plots.
  • 2.88a (20-12-2010)
    • Minor fixes
  • 2.88 (15-12-2010)
    • Added support for sociobility values in import of free format species data tables and export to spread sheet tables.
  • 2.87 (8-11-2010)
    • In some cases Turboveg would crash when deleting releves
  • 2.86a (29-10-2010)
    • A database was not always automatically restructured according to a changed definition in the database dictionary.
  • 2.86 (25-10-2010)
    • Support added for translating long/lat values to Slovak CEBA grid codes. Please find the option in the context menu for the header data table.
  • 2.84 (15-3-2010)
    • Minor improvement.
  • 2.83 (1-1-2010)
    • Minor improvements
  • 2.82 (14-10-2009)
    • Installations are adapted to work with now Windows 7 ready!
    • In some cases when trying to give focus to a data entry field Turboveg would crash. Fixed!
  • 2.81 (1-10-2009)
    • In some cases import of TurbovegCE XML files failed. Fixed!
    • A number of other minor fixes. 
  • 2.80a
    • Zero values where not exported to standard XML file. Fixed!
    • Added option to include/exclude synonyms in TurbovegCE XML file.
  • 2.80 (22-4-2009)
    • Added export to herbarium etiquettes by means of a template. Please check the Help for details. An sample template can be found in the folder <installation path>\Herbarium.
    • In some cases species where unjustly not recognized when importing a Standard XML file. Fixed!
    • Some bugs related to recent changes (version 2.79) have been fixed.  
  • 2.79 (4-3-2009)
    • It's now possible to add percentage values less than 0.1 (e.g. '.01', '.02', etc.). Internally these values are stored as '%1', '%2', etc.
    • Added possiblity to exclude certain species groups from the calculation of mean indicator values. This is only applicable if the species list includes information on the taxon groups (vascular plants, stoneworts, mosses, lichens, mushrooms, algae).  
    • Dutch version only: Export to FLOR now also contains percentage values of species.  
  • 2.78 (21-01-2009)
    • In some cases scrolling to the right in the table with header data could cause a crash. Fixed!
    • Added option to search for dublicated codes in popup tables (Manage, Popup lists, Search for double codes).
  • 2.77a (16-01-2009)
    • Changed policy in option 'Combine releves'. A new releve is created and selected releves are preserved. 
    • Minor improvement in import of SORT table.
    • Minor improvement in export to spread sheet file.
    • Some other minor tweaks.
  • 2.77 (11-1-2009)
    • minor fixes
    • added link to JUICE homepage. THE tool for managing (huge) vegetation tables.
  • 2.76 (9-12-2008)
    • Added support for MS Access2007 (accdb files).
    • Added option to combine nested plots into a plot. Check the Help for details.
    • Added option to to export a selection to FLOR (Dutch mapping software).
    • Improved search in lookup tables. Use of Space bar to jump to next matching items.
    • Minor improvement of import species data table import (species name matching).
    • Minor tweaks.
  • 2.75 (10-11-2008)
    • Added support for MS Excel2007. Now larger tables can be exported (max. 1020 releves) and imported (max. 650 releves).
    • The geo-referencing tool based on Google Maps now has a function for searching toponyms. 
    • Added a direct link to this page (update history) in the Help menu.
  • 2.74 (30-10-2008)
    • Minor improvements.
  • 2.73 (?)
  • 2.72 (19-6-2008)
    • Improved import of TurbovegCE XML file.
    • Improved import of SORT tables.
    • Added option to include native species names in export file TurbovegCE XML (DUTCH version only).
  • 2.71 (25-5-2008)
    • Improved export to TurbevegCE XML file. Definition of additional fields was not included when when exporting 0 releves. 
  • 2.70 (5-5-2008)
    • Minor fixes.
  • 2.69 (22-4-2008)
    • Minor improvements.
  • 2.68
  • 2.67 (7-3-2008)
    • Added support for Associa in the international version.
  • 2.66 (27-2-2008)
    • Minor improvement of XML export for TurbovegCE.
  • 2.65 (10-2-2008)
    • Fixed a bug in XML import.
  • 2.64 (5-2-2008)
    • Added import option for SORT tables. Please check the Help for details.
    • Added option to geo-reference releves using Google Maps. Please check to Help for details. 
    • Extended the number of extra species attributes from 3 to 15.
    • Minor fixes.
  • 2.63 (4-12-2007)
    • Minor improvements
  • 2.62 (25-10-2007)
    • A few minor improvements.
  • 2.61 (8-10-2007)
    • In some cases species where imported correctly from XML standard files. Fixed!
  • 2.60 (30-9-2007)
    • Minor improvements.
  • 2.59 (22-8-2007)
    • DUTCH version only. Minor improvements of export to TurbovegCE XML file.
  • 2.58 (9-8-2007)
    • Minor mistake in export to shapefile. Fixed! (Especially effected point shape files). 
  • 2.57 (2-7-2007)
    • Minor changes
  • 2.56 (29-5-2007)
    • Fixed errors in function Import TurbovegCE export file.
  • 2.55 (11-5-2007)
    • Fixed a dirty bug in selection procedure. In some cases faulty counts where made when selecting on more than one species.
  • 2.54 (10-5-2007)
    • Fixed a nasty bug introduced in version 2.53. 
    • Installation now VISTA compatible.
  • 2.53 (9-5-2007)
    • Enhanced the option 'Append another database'. Now the target database can etended with additional fields automatically.
    • In some cases export to standard XML would crash the program. Fixed!
    • Improved import of a standard XML file.
    • Some other minor fixes.
  • 2.52 (27-4-2007)
    • Various minor fixes
  • 2.51 (14-4-2007)
    • Some obscure export formats where broken due to recent changes. This fixed.
    • Improved import of XML file (standard).
    • Started to improve the Help. At least the content list is now covering all the options in the program. A PDF file of the Help is also available in the folder Help of the installation directory.
    • Improved management tool for TurbovegCE. Should now be able to read from German PDA's as well.
  • 2.50 (30-3-2007)
    • Added export and import functions in international version for TurbovegCE (Turboveg Compact Edition which runs on PDA's).
    • Minor correcting in export to Access database
    • When exporting to standard XML file in some cases Turboveg crashed. Fixed!
    • DUTCH version only. More precise conversion from Amersfoort coordinates to longitude/latitude values. 
    • INTERNATIONAL version only. Added support for Shape file creation based on Longitude/Latitude values.
  • 2.49 (16-3-2007)
    • Interface now has the XP-look.
    • In some cases exporting data from several databases to a new Turboveg database did not copy all data.
    • With many header data fields (> 100)  the presenation in forms was not correct.
    • Minor improvement for adding tables function.
    • The 'Search and Replace' function for header data is removed from the menu. This function can still be actived in two ways: by clicking on the column header or by selecting it from the context menu (right click on table with header data). 
    • DUTCH version only. New function to add Runhaar species groups to releves.  An updated ecological database is required.  
  • 2.48 (1-3-2007)
    • Re-established option to download dictionaries.
  • 2.47 (20-2-2007)
    • Import of (standard) XMF file improved by adding mapping tool for species.
  • 2.46  (15-2-2007)
    • Added option in Edit menu to replace all synonyms with accepted species names.
    • Error when restoring an old Turboveg backup. Fixed!  
  • 2.45 (8-2-2007)
    • Added option to export a selection to a species list. It was already present in the international version, now it's also available in the Dutch version.
    • Made export to ESVeg compliant XML compatible witg ESVeg schema 2.2 
  • 2.44 (22-1-2007)
    • Fixed a bug introduced in version 2.43 (Associa.exe could only be executed from 'd:\turbowin\bin').
  • 2.43 (15-1-2007)
    • Replaced all occurances of literal 'Relevé' with 'Releve'. It causes crashes on computers with Japanese as default language (and maybe other langages as well).  
    • Turboveg now compatible with 2007 version of Associa. Also default parameters have been optimised which results in a slighly better identification. Please contact the author of Associa Onno van Tongeren to obtain the new version. 
    • New  XML export format which is ESVeg compliant. Please do not yet use this format until further notice. It will be tested the next 3 or 4 month and will be probably undergo changes.
    • Minor fixes.
  • 2.42 (8-12-2006)
    • Removed password entry in Single user version!!!! Please let me know if you feel this is unwise!
    • Bug when exporting to Shape file concerning databases with standard structure. Fixed!
    • Refresh problem with maintanance tables fixed.
  • 2.41 (1-12-2006)
    • Export to 'ESRI Shape files' now also available in the international version. This export required X and Y coordinates stored in seperate columsn in the database.
    • Added option in Edit menu to copy a complete releve.  
    • Dutch version only. Fix for import XML file from TurbovegCE when data structure was according to LMF.
    • Dutch version only. TurbovegCE can be now imported XML files directly from PDA (no need to copy and past the XML file from PDA to desktop PC).
    • A NEW UPDATE FACILITY IS INCLUDED! This facility replaces the old one which did not work properly in all cases. Lets hope this one does.
      The Single user version performs the update automatically, where as for the Network version the update needs to be invoked manually via Start, Programs, Turboveg for Windows. 
  • 2.40b (28-9-2006)
    • Fixed a mistake in handling certain characters in remarks field when editing via a form.
  • 2.40a (15-9-2006)
    • Dutch version only. Minor fix for import XML file from TurbovegCE.
  • 2.40 (1-9-2006)
    • Improved export of selected releves to an MS Access database.
    • International version only! Added option to define a data entry format for Longitude/Latitude in cases Degrees,Minutes,Seconds are used. To do so go to 'Manage, Format Longitude/Latitude, Degrees,Minutes,Seconds' . The Ducth version has an automatic conversion build in from Amersfoort co-ordinates to Long/Lat.
      As you may know Long/Lat values can be used to display the distribution of releves in Google Earth. You can download Google Earth from here.
  • 2.39d (16-08-2006)
    • Dutch version only. Yet another fix for import of TurbovegCE XML files. Boolean values where ntot properly imported. 
  • 2.39c (14-08-2006)
    • Dutch version only. Fix for import of and export to TurbovegCE XML files. Hard returns in remarks where not handled properly.
  • 2.39b (03-08-2006)
    • Dutch version only. Fix for import of TurbovegCE XML files when values for width, length or surface area are too big.
  • 2.39a (22-06-2006)
    • Fixed a bug in import pocedure for Cornell files. 
  • 2.39 (31-05-2006)
    • Added import function for TurbovegCE export files.
    • Fix for export to TurbovegCE project file. In some cases names in species list where encrypted. 
  • 2.38b (17-05-2006)
    • Minor improvement voor export to TurbovegCE XML file.
  • 2.38a (27-04-2006)
    • Minor fix for export to TurbovegCE XML file.
    • Program crashed when trying to copy and past header data. Fixed!
  • 2.38 (26-04-2006)
    • DUTCH version only. New export function for TurbovegCE.
      TurbovegCE is the PocketPC (PDA) version of Turboveg, it incorporates GPS/GIS  for easy orientation in the field. 
  • 2.37 (19-3-2006)
    • Bug in Backup function due to recent change. Fixed!
    • Added export to Google Earth KML/KMZ files for which longitude and latitude data are required!
      For Dutch data an automatic conversion takes place from RD-coordinates to Longititude/Latitude.
  • 2.36 (6-3-2006)
    • DUTCH version only. Added export of species data to attrubite table Shapefile.
    • DUTCH version only. Added import of Ecobase export file.
    • DUTCH version only. Improved export of Ecobase import file.
    • Backup and Restore options now 'remember' backup/restore folder. 
    • Added cover percentages to species table in export to Access database.  
  • 2.35 (21-2-2006)
    • DUTCH version only. Improvement of Shapefile export.
    • Due to recent change for JUICE of format header data file MEGATAB nollonger displayed header data properly. Fixed!  
    • Sending Backup and XML export files automatically via e-mail was broken. Fixed! 
    • Backup files now also contains information about dictionary and species list used.
    • A few otther minor fixes.
  • 2.34 (19-1-2006)
    • Export to MS Access file failed In case one of the fields was called 'ZONE'. Fixed! 
    • DUTCH version only. Added import and export to ECOBASE exchange data file
    • Multi-column view of a species list now also displays species numbers
    • Backup/Restore procedure now also includes databases settings
  • 2.33 (2-1-2006)
    • Minor improvement of XML-export.
    • Minor change of header data export for proper import in JUICE.
  • 2.32a (17-11-2005)
    • Option 'Hunt duplicates' was broken. Fixed!
    • Synchronization problem between species cornell condensed and header cornell condensed files fixed.
  • 2.32 (1-11-2005)
    • Problem with import species tables fixed. It concerned a stupid bug recently introduced.
  • 2.31a (18-10-2005)
    • Minor improvement import of Excel species tables.
    • Minor improvement calculation indicator values.
  • 2.31 (16-10-2005)
    • Restore database option was broken. Fixed!
    • Improved import of Excel species tables.
    • Improved import of Excel header data tables.
    • DUTCH version only. Extended 'Export to Shapefiles' option with possibility to include header data in attribute table.
  • 2.30a (6-10-2005)
    • DUTCH version only. Bug in option 'Export to ESRI shapefiles'. Fixed.  
  • 2.30 (5-10-2005)
    • DUTCH version only. New!! Export of geografical infornation to ESRI shapefiles (point and polygon format).
  • 2.29 (23-9-2005)
    • Minor improvements
    • DUTCH version only. Dutch species nams are now as well exported to 'file with detailed information'.
  • 2.28a (24-8-2005)
    • minor improvement
  • 2.28 (30-6-2005)
    • minor fix for XML export
    • removed annoying beep in species entry
  • 2.27 (21-6-2005)
  • 2.26a (24-5-2005)
    • Yet another fix for XML import. Thanks again Florian!
  • 2.26 (19-5-2005)
    • XML import was not properly working in some situations. Fixed, thanks to Florian!
    • Added option to XML import dialog to exclude import of releve data. Useful for testing the XML file import.
  • 2.25 (21-4-2005)
    • Turboveg now always exports  'Relevé number' in header data file for JUICE (option 'Export to JUICE' )
  • 2.24 (29-3-2005)
    • XML export updated so that it now works in harmony with JUICE (excellent and easy-to-use MS Windows tool for analysing vegetation tables; a bit like Megatab, but offers much, much more).
  • 2.23 (21-3-2005)
    • Added export to SYN-TAX 2000 input files
    • Bug was recently introduced in export of header data to JUICE. Fixed!  
    • In some cases Megatab did not add a header to an exported  delimited table. Fixed!
    • Delimiter in Megatab export tables is changed from semicolon to TAB. This makes import in Excel easier. 
  • 2.22 (14-3-2005)
    • Problem with import Excel species table fixed!
  • 2.21c (7-3-2005)
    • In some cases Megatab didn't open tables correctly and wanted to reread the Cornell files. Fixed!
  • 2.21b (4-3-2005)
    • Searching in the ecological database was not working properly. Fixed!
  • 2.21a (3-3-2005)
    • Accendentally disabled export ecological data in spreadsheet output. This is restored. 
  • 2.21 (28-2-2005)
    • Automatic correction of database structure after undesired modification (e.g. after having modified database tables with Excel).
      This corrections also allows to open a database created with the Dutch Turboveg verson with the international version.
  • 2.20a (22-2-2005)
    • Minor changes with respect to MS Excel export files.
  • 2.20 (16-2-2005)
    • New! Direct import species table and header data table from Excel sheet.
    • New! Direct export spreadsheet table and header data to Excel sheet.
    • New! Direct export message log to Excel sheet. 
    • It was possible for users other than the manager to modify popup lists, although changes where not saved. Fixed!
    • When trying to restrict an existing selection of releves the result always showed 0. Fixed!
    • Some other minor improvements.
    • Megatab now exports full and synoptic tables with semi colons instead of comma as delimiter. Hope you all agree.
  • 2.19 (9-2-2005)
    • Automatic re-indexing database tables when encountering corrupted index files. Previously Turboveg would have crashed for this reason !!!!!!!!!!!!
    • Some cosmetic improvements.
  • 2.18 (4-2-2005)
    • Export to Access now also includes results of Associa analysis
    • Minor optimalisation of header data browse 
    • Improved re-index database procedure (it was not possible to re-index a database with corrupted index files)
  • 2.17 (26-1-2005)
    • Export of error messages to dbase format failed. Fixed!
    • Minor improvements for import of Cornell condensed files.
  • 2.16 (10-1-2005)
    • Minor fixes for Turboveg and Megatab
  • 2.15 (4-12-2004)
    • There was still a problem when adding new releves with an active filter or the database sorted other than on releve number. Fixed!  
    • While entering cover values in a table its no longe required to press Enter before entering '+'
    • Some fixes on character transformation and Aspect in table editing mode
  • 2.14 (1-12-2004)
    • When importing an old TV-DOS databases some species where replaced by synonyms instead of valid taxa. This is fixed.
  • 2.12 (23-11-2004)
    • Minor fixes
  • 2.11 (20-9-2004)
    • Improved export option 'Species checklist'
    • When trying to add new relevés in a database that was sorted NOT according to releve nr double relevé nrs could be generated. Fixed.
  • 2.10b (20-9-2004)
    • Minor fix in species editing.
  • 2.10a (16-9-2004)
    • improvement to new option in 2.10
  • 2.10 (15-9-2004)
    • improved import XML file, especially handling of synonym species.
    • added option 'Include related species' in 'Build query' dialog. See Help for explanation. 
  • 2.09 (1-9-2004)
    • improved import function for new species lists.
    • DUTCH version only! Improved integrety check for LMF databases.
  • 2.08 (23-8-2004)
    • a few minor fixes.
    • there was a problem with index file ..\Turbowin\Data\Selected.cdx (unrecoverable error 9201). This is hopefully fixed. If the problem still exists than delete the named index file before startin Turboveg. 
  • 2.07a (16-7-2004)
    • Calling popup for cover scales crashed Turboveg in international version. Fixed!
    • Improved 'Replace species' option.
    • Menu with 'Most recent used databases' was not working correctly in some cases. Fixed!
  • 2.07 (14-7-2004)
    • Fixed some issues concerning 'Input relevés by table'.
    • Added options in context menu (Right click menu) of header data table to change color, font and row separators.
    • Moved menu part 'Most Recent Used databases' to 'Open database' button.
  • 2.06 (9-7-2004)
    • Most tables now have got row separators.
    • Import of header data or species data as dbase file was corrupted. Fixed!
  • 2.05 (7-7-2004)
    • Minor fixes on Turboveg .
    • Small change to XML export.
    • Some problems related to conversion of species list solved.
  • 2.04 (1-7-2004)
    • Excluding species using ecological parameters from Cornell condensed species files was not working correctly. Fixed!
  • 2.03a (30-6-2004)
    • Megatab crashed on some Win95 systems. Fixed!
    • Megatab was freezing when closing a full table and returning to main window. Fixed!
  • 2.03 (30-6-2004)
    • In some cases the species list was not updated when the cursor in the header moved to another row. Fixed!
    • Calling the popup list of references caused a runtime error. Fixed!
    • Popup lists can now be presented with more than 2 columns (max. 4)
  • 2.02 (25-6-2004)
    • In some cases it was no possible to restore backup files due to missing backslash at the end of temp. path name. This may have effected other options as well.
    • Bug fixed in export to a spreadsheet table when trying to load preferences.
    • Bug fixed in import species data table when checking cover abundance codes
    • Counter on window selected releves did not indicate the correct total number. 
    • Export of a full table to comma delimited format in MEGATAB now containes percentages (instead of ordinal values) if the Cornell input files also contains percentage values. 
  • 2.01 (6-6-2004)
    • When pressing ESC when logging in Turboveg continued, instead of quiting.
    • Calculating mean indicator values: species occuring in different vegetation layers where treated as seperate taxa. This is now an option .  
    • Now the Message log window is set to front when errors have been detected after exporting. 
    • Minor fixes on Megatab.
  • 2.0 (1-6-2004).
    • Version 2.0 released. Although not completely finished its decided to release version 2.0 now.  Especially the Help needs to be extended to cover the new and improved features.
  • 1.99u (10-5-2004)
    • Fixed two bugs in funtion 'Combining releves'.
    • Fixed a bug in 'Export to spread sheet'.  
  • 1.99t (2-3-2004)
    • Added computation of diversity indices, whoever might think these are informative (Richness, Shannon-Weaver, Evenness, and Simpson 's diversity index). You can find the new function in the menu 'Edit, Add diversity index values'. 
  • 1.99s (4-2-2004)
    • DUTCH version only. Fixed a problem while importing a TVLITE database.
  • 1.99r (21-11-2003)
    • There was a formatting problem when exporting a selection to a comma delimited spreadsheet file when species names are containing commas. To avoid the problem commas in species names are now automatically transformed into semi colons.
  • 1.99q (22-10-2003)
  • 1.99q (29-8-2003)
    • Option added to change directory for storing temporary files.
    • Import free format species file improved. Now also species names with author citation can be matched.
  • 1.99p (2-6-2003)
    • When combining layers in an export to a spreadsheet file sometimes faulty cover values where calculated.
  • 1.99o (19-6-2003)
    • DUTCH version only! Fout in controle 'totale bedekking soorten' in LMF-databases opgelost.
  • 1.99n (12-5-2003)
    • DUTCH version only! U dient deze versie te installeren als u gebruik maakt van SynDiaT en de 'Rode flora' . Voor meer informatie zie ook de website van SynDiaT http://www.roelfpot.nl/syndiat
  • --------- (7-5-2003)
  • 1.99m (8-4-2003)
  • 1.99l (1-4-2003)
    • Turboveg did not accept 0% as cover percentage (as defined in the popup list for cover scales). This has now been changed. This change only takes effect after the files hlplists.dbf and hlplists.fpt have been removed from the POPUP subdirectory. 
  • 1.99k (15-3-2003)
  • 1.99j (1-3-2003)
    • Added option in Turboveg to exclude layers when calculating indicator values. 
    • Megatab now works fine with all Win32 versions (including XP). The previous version crashed when using the mouse under WindowsXP.



JUICE: Comprehensive Windows program for editing and analising vegetation plot data. Optimised to be used with Turboveg.
VegApp: Vegapp is an Android app for collecting vegetation data in sample plots.
DMAP: Easy-to-use Windows program for producing Distribution Maps and Coincidence Maps.
CreateSpecieslist: Tool to convert a strictly formatted Excel file to a Turboveg2 species list.

EXPERT (Dutch version)

Met behulp van EXPERT kunnen vegetatieopnamen worden toebedeeld aan plantengemeenschappen zoals opgenomen in de Vegetatie van Nederland (revisie 2017).
EXPERT kan worden uitgevoerd binnen TURBOVEG3 en binnen JUICE.

EXPERT-systeem rVVN v2.1 (1 juli 2024)
Toelichting op het gebruik van EXPERT rVVN
Publicatie EXPERT

EXPERT-systeem RWS SALT v0.4 (april 2020)
Toelichting op het gebruik van EXPERT SALT

TurbovegSD (Android)

TurbovegSD is the (free) Turboveg pendant running on Android devices. It is seamlessly integrated with the desktop version. The app is not hosted in the Play Store, therefore a manual installation on your telephone or tablet is required.

Download the apk file for TurbovegSD version 1.1.6 here.
Download the apk file for TurbovegSD version 1.4.8 (25-02-2021) here.
Download the apk file for TurbovegSD version 1.7.0 (20-3-2024) here.

Before installing and running TurbovegSD please read the manual first!
You may also take a look at the screen mockup to become familiar with the app (applies to version 1.1.6). 

As an alternative for TurbovegSD the Android application Vegapp can be used to store vegetation plots in the field. Export from Vegapp can be imported in a Turboveg database.

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Turboveg2 is part of the SynBioSys family, applications for vegetation research