Turboveg 3

management system for vegetation data

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TURBOVEG 3 is a program designed for storing, selecting and exporting vegetation plot data (relevés). It also includes EXPERT, a tool to classify vegetation plots according to expert rules. Data can be imported manually (individual relevés or vegetation tables) or automatically (import of data files; e.g. in Excel format).
Relevés can be selected by choosing one or several of the header data attributes or by choosing a species or a combination of species. 
Several filters are available to export the selected relevés to enable further analysis with various programs (e.g. MS Excel, JUICE, QGIS, R).

In publications please refer to: Hennekens, S. M. (2015). Turboveg v.3 - A gateway to EVA and other databases. In: Chytrý, M., Zelený, D. & Hettenbergerová, E. 58th Annual Symposium of the International Association for Vegetation Science: Understanding broad-scale vegetation patterns – Abstracts. Masaryk University (p. 152). CZ: Brno.

Current version: 3.5.4 (20-9-2023)


The price for a license of TURBOVEG3 is €995,- (excl. 21% VAT). This also includes one year of support and updates free of charge as long as the software is maintained. The license is perpetual.
Turboveg can be ordered by contacting Stephan Hennekens.




Online help
Manual as pdf
Handleiding NDVH-vegetatiepackages
Database model (English)
Database model (Dutch)


JUICE: Comprehensive Windows program for editing and analysing vegetation plot data. Optimised to be used with Turboveg.
VegApp is an Android app for collecting vegetation data in sample plots.

EXPERT (Dutch version)

Met behulp van EXPERT kunnen vegetatieopnamen worden toebedeeld aan plantengemeenschappen zoals opgenomen in de Vegetatie van Nederland (revisie 2017).
EXPERT kan worden uitgevoerd binnen TURBOVEG3 en binnen JUICE.

EXPERT-systeem rVVN v2.03 (februari 2023)
Toelichting op het gebruik van EXPERT rVVN
EXPERT-systeem RWS SALT v0.4 (april 2020)
Toelichting op het gebruik van EXPERT SALT

TurbovegSD (Android)

TurbovegSD is the (free) Turboveg pendant running on Android devices. It is seamlessly integrated with the desktop version. The app is not hosted in the Play Store, therefore a manual installation on your telephone or tablet is required.

Download the apk file for TurbovegSD version 1.1.6 here.
Download the apk file for TurbovegSD version 1.4.8 (25-02-2021) here.
Download the apk file for TurbovegSD version 1.6.8 (13-9-2023) here.

Before installing and running TurbovegSD please read the manual first!
You may also take a look at the screen mockup to become familiar with the app (applies to version 1.1.6). 

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Turboveg3 is part of the SynBioSys family, applications for vegetation research