SynBioSys Fynbos

An information system on sustainable management of biodiversity in the Cape Floristic Region



SynBioSys Fynbos has been developed to provide a wide range of stakeholders with an accessible and user friendly tool to gain insight into the rich botanical resource that is found in the rooibos region. These stakeholders include planners, farmers, decision makers and implementers at all levels of government, consultants, researchers, students, amateur botanists, tour guides and the general public.

Conditions of use
The use of this data platform is limited to non commercial use only. The data accessible through this platform might be used only under the following conditions:

  1. All data used must acknowledge the source;
  2. All data may be used without cost for non commercial purposes only;
  3. With accessing this data base the user accepts these terms and conditions. 

To keep informed through our mailing list or to participate, please contact: Bettina Koelle (Indigo Development and Change, RSA)

Rooibos module